358 Hoosier

This cartridge was developed by another Indiana wildcat aficionado
to comply with the 1.8" Pistol Caliber Rifle cartridge regulation.

Cartridge specifics and history may be found in the latest edition of
Cartridges of the World.  The creator cautions that the reloading
data listed in CoTW are MAXIMUM loads, and should be approached
with caution.

358 Hoosier CoTW 13th Edition

Parent brass(243/260/308/358,30-06, etc.), with formed case necks
not exceeding .0155" may be converted into 358 Hoosier.  Many
commercial and military cases have greater material thickness
requiring neck turning to safely use.
358 Hoosier Specifics

Tapered chamber neck .389-.387

Maximum loaded case neck thickness .387-.358

Total freebore .161"

Freebore diameter .359"

Recommended case trim length 1.795"

Always check your loaded cartridge neck
thickness before attempting to chamber, a
minimum of .002" clearance is required.  
Insufficient neck clearance may result in high
pressures and personal or property damage.
358 Hoosier Dies by BFG

Made from PTG stainless die blanks.

Featuring Redding decapping
assemblies, with tapered expander and
Hornady seating die with the proper
neck diameter for 358 Hoosier brass.

Sizing dies are not hardened, brass
must cleaned prior to sizing to prevent

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