Basic brass:  458 SOCOM, 50 Alaskan

The rimmed version using the 50 Alaskan case allows the use of the cartridge in the T/C Encore and Ruger
#1 with full extractor function.  458 SOCOM brass and ammunition can be used, but will not extract in these
due to the heavily rebated rim(use your fingernail or pocketknife).

When using 50 Alaskan brass, no neck reaming is necessary, full length size in 458 SOCOM die , trim to
finish length and go shoot.  

In bolt rifles - use standard 458 SOCOM Starline brass.  See the Savage feeding video ->
458 BFG with 86g (Lehigh Aluminum) to 720g Cast.

Savage Model 10 feeding the SOCOM case.