Savage Pre-Fit, Threaded and Chambered Barrels

All BFG chamberings are suitable for a standard barrel tenon action, 1.055", except the 358 BFG 1.625" or 1.8".

The 358 BFG (either) requires an original WSM or Precision/Target large barrel tenon action, 1.125".  Savage increased the barrel tenon diameter for a reason.  

Stainless Steel, Standard Chambers:

Up to 26" finish length start at $245

Stainless Steel, BFG Chambers:

Up to 26" finish length start at $260

I suggest the late model "centerfeed" actions for best feeding with short & stubby cartridges.  These are easily recognized, as the magazine body stays with the
stock, instead of being attached to the action (other than detachable/hinged floorplate models).  

In most cases, the factory Savage WSM magazine box and follower are most desirable for proper feeding.  Trim the front of the WSM follower approximately
1/2".  Fabricate a ramp, roughly .375" to ease the transition from the magazine box into the chamber.  

WSM Magazine boxes, modified as explained above, minor fitting and adjustment for your intended projectiles will be required.  $80

If you'd like to do it yourself - Savage Arms Part #'s

Magazine Box 105665  
Follower 106476
Retainer 106130